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I remember the day my journey into fitness began. I was 13 years old, barely into high school; a skinny kid who was tired of being reminded of it by family members and constantly ribbed by friends.

One day, I picked up a set of old sand-filled dumbbells my mom used to work out with and hopped on the treadmill she had bought. I power walked for 10 minutes, thinking to myself that in doing this, I would strengthen and build my upper and lower body.

At the time I knew nothing about diet and training. I was just going on what I thought made sense. Both my parents were healthy and active. They loved to stay busy and participate in new physical challenges and was so elated one day when I came home to find a brand new all-in-one home gym set up in my basement, I felt like I had just walked into an amusement park.


It wasn’t until I enlisted Ken’s services that I truly realized what “Sports Science” really meant. I saw changes in my physique weekly after implementing his training and nutrition plan. He was in frequent communication with me, always attentive to how I was adjusting and tweaking the program wherever necessary.

Still not knowing much about how to put together anything like a proper routine, I began to explore the home gym trying each apparatus. I stimulated each muscle group and felt the “pump” as blood traveled into the muscles I was working. From that moment on, I knew that this was going to shape and define not just my body, but who I would become as a person. I was addicted immediately.

I dove straight in. The internet wasn’t a thing back then, or at least the accessibility of information wasn’t as in abundance as it is today. So I scavenged for any piece of knowledge I could learn. This ranged from reading fitness magazines and journals of sports medicine, to literally going up to muscular guys and asking for a comprehensive list of foods they ate. Some were flattered and most were annoyed, but nothing was going to stop me.

As I got older I shifted my studies from political science to kinesiology and nutrition, however, there is only so much you can learn from the books. As the years passed I got to understand the mechanics of the body and how to safely undergo physical stress and minimize injury. I learned through proper nutrition and something I like to call, “nutritional techniques,” that you could manipulate your body composition to bring your physique to an ultimate level of physical appearance.

With all the information that is now available online, nutrition and training have become potentially very dangerous. What is really right and what is really wrong? Not to mention the fact that so much is simply rewritten and republished by someone else or another website which gives a false sense of authority.

I have experimented with my own body for over three decades with a wide range of nutritional plans and types of physical exercise. My journey included powerlifting movements, various styles of martial arts, and ultimately gravitating towards wanting to feel good and look good by finding correct and effective ways to shape and build muscle and lose fat at the same time. We all start in different places and some have a journey more challenging than others.

For this reason, I firmly believe that there is not one single way forward. We all have to make adjustments and improvements at our own pace; but as long as we make progress, our goals will be reached, I love and the lifestyle and the positive impact that it has on me and seeing the results my advice and knowledge have had on others.

Over the course of three decades, I have fine-tuned my craft and am excited to share this journey and knowledge with you, in hopes that you will inspire you to do the same.

My name is Ken Castle and I am your fitness and nutrition consultant, qualified, certified, and more importantly, personally experienced.




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