Training covers a wide range of categories not all of which are suited for everyone. We are all different and we are all at different stages of fitness, muscle strength, and experience. I help people with customized, ongoing and upgrading training and fitness plans that start where you need, and I carefully take them forward based on your progress and the feedback you give me.

I always take into consideration a person’s current physical condition, personal goals, available time and much more. You can only find this out for yourself.



The best in the business bar none! Ken has been coaching on and off for a period of 2 years. My work and travel schedule makes it hard for me to get my fitness and nutrition organized but luckily I have Ken to keep me in line.

He pays close attention to detail on his plans and makes them both flexible AND effective for someone who is all over the map like myself.

He is knowledgeable and has shown me that getting in shape/making the right choices doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. If you have the will, he has the knowledge and experience to get you there.