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A common question I get is, “why can’t I just see a personal trainer and nutritionist rather than go through an online process”?

And the simple answer is, you can – go for it! I myself was both a nutritionist and a personal trainer working out of local gyms and bigger franchise gyms.

But it was my experiences in those professions that led me to believe that online coaching is truly the better option.

Simply put, life is busy and complicated. And I would often have clients missing appointments or arriving late and not being able to get everything done in the allotted time we had set.

This inevitably resulted in less than optimal results and discouraged clients. Missing a workout because you have to pick up the kids doesn’t have to mean you still can’t be coached.



I started training the usual way by wanting to make a difference to my life at around 40. After a year, I was getting bigger but I was getting “fatter” too. I called on Ken. What a life changing experience. It has been a year now and I get a new program every 8 weeks as I reach each goal and create a new one. Ken is simply amazing, his knowledge is simply beyond education and training. He is ahead of the curve.

He is always there on WhatsApp to answer my questions. I lost 20 kilograms in 10 weeks (from 100kg to 80kg) and went from size M shirts to size XXL. So many so-called personal trainers talk about bulking then cutting; Ken has me doing both simultaneously. I am 48, cut, and I see other younger guys looking at me in the gym with a look of ‘sh#t, look at him.’

I look younger than I did when I was 30. Thank you, Ken… This is for life.

Switching to online consulting meant that I wasn’t limited to coaching my clients during the working hours of the gym. I was able to communicate with them freely throughout any hour of the day and there is no chance of a scheduling conflict.

Another big reason? Affordability. Personal training these days can cost anywhere between $50 to $100 PER SESSION, and nutritional counseling can cost even more than that (in some cases).

The price of all plans are exponentially less over a longer period of time and you’re also receiving in-depth analysis and coaching along with it.

I chose to make the switch because I saw the flaws in the conventional option and my clients have reaped the benefits because of it – and you can too!

No matter where you are, no matter which gym you walk into…
Your personal trainer is in your pocket.


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