10 Week Nutrition, Training + Education Program w/ THEKENSTYLE


Includes a detailed daily nutrition program, a daily exercise program, and a daily action program to keep you on track. The action program is designed to help you organize and optimize the foods you eat and when so that you get more out of your exercise program. Each program is custom designed to meet your objective while considering your current physical condition. This plan is perfect for someone who has a solid goal to make a real difference to their life, such as losing a specific amount of weight or build up muscle or get in great condition inside 10 weeks. With Ken’s knowledge of nutrition, training, exercise, how the body works and how and when to do what, you will succeed at only around the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

You will learn about training and nutrition over the course of your program and Ken will advise and answer any questions you have regarding the reason your program includes certain foods/exercises/timing.

Ken is available when you need via WhatsApp and will check-in on you twice a week to see how you are adjusting and to see if and where any changes should be made. If this sounds like what you need, great for beginners or those already training and looking for a boost, order now.