The Importance of Diet When Training – Chopped Judge Scott Conant Loses 30-Pounds

Scott Conant is famous for cooking delicious food, and particularly Italian pasta dishes. The industry and working around food and alcohol was taking a toll on his body – his cholesterol and blood pressure were pretty high for the last few years. Scott needed to something about it.

Making Positive Lifestyle Changes

Quit Alcohol

Conant started by quitting all and any alcohol. Ken will tell you the same thing if you want to feel better and lose those pounds. Alcohol is loaded with sugars, that’s why it’s called a beer gut.

“I just did not like the way I felt,” he told People. “I feel like one glass of wine would affect my sleep. And at a certain point — I am not as young as I used to be, obviously — but I feel like you wake up one day and say, ‘How I feel is probably more important than a glass of wine.'”

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Change Diet

The next step Conant took was to remove wheat and genetically modified food from his diet.

“It’s ironic because I am a chef who is known for cooking pasta,” he said to People.”But I stopped eating wheat on a daily basis. Now I just pretty much do it for work. And I stopped eating GMOs… As soon as I stopped eating wheat and GMOs, funny enough, I lost 12 pounds in ten days.”

As Ken will tell you, processed foods are not a part of a healthy diet, which means a lot of foods most people eat regularly, for example, Doritos, ice cream, flavored and powdered oatmeal. Some foods that we think are good for us are actually not. Did you know the five most widely use GMO crops of corn, canola, soy, cotton and sugar beets end up as additives in all kinds of packaged foods as corn syrup, oil, sugar, flavoring agents, thickeners and other ingredients? Combinations of processed sugars and fats do not exist in nature, only in processed foods.

So, what is Conant eating now? He is eating food like your mother probably made for you. Vegetables, salads and depending on the day, chicken or fish.

A simple olive oil and vinegar dressing is so good for you and full of healthy fat.

Intermittent Fasting

This is a dieting plan that takes some time to do properly. Ken knows all about it. Intermittent fasting is not something anyone should try on their own. Conant only eats between noon to 7 pm but that would have taken some time to get to such a small window. Conant is reported to have said that intermittent fasting is how he keeps his weight off. There are many celebrities that favour intermittent fasting, Terry Crew and Hugh Jackman, just to name a couple.

We hope all of that gave you something to think about.


What is intermittent fasting? Now, it is a popular but also dangerous way to diet, so we will get Ken’s advice on intermittent fasting and let you know about it soon. Ken knows about dieting, or as he prefers to say, nutrition planning and he knows how to make nutrition planning work for you along with smarter, mild exercise.

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